ANU Performance

What’s happening?

A new performance tool and process is being developed to replace the current Performance Development Review (PDR) system.

There will be a soft launch pilot in 2024 allowing teams to opt into the new system or continue to use the PDR system until active processes are closed out. Feedback from this pilot launch will inform refinements to the system and approach. All staff will be expected to use the new system from 2025.

Why this change?

The most recent ANYOU Survey (March 2023) highlighted opportunities to improve our performance development approach. In the survey:

  • 65% of respondents agreed that their job performance is evaluated fairly;
  • 58% of respondents indicated that they receive appropriate recognition for good work; and
  • Only 28% of respondents agreed with the statement ‘When it is clear someone is not delivering in their role we do something about it’.

Survey respondents also provided relevant written comments, highlighting issues such as never having completed a PDR at ANU (or not for several years) and supervisors not being equipped to provide useful feedback. This feedback is consistent with findings and recommendations from an external review of the Performance and Development Review (PDR) undertaken in 2019.

Additionally, the current PDR form and process has to be replaced as the platform supporting the current form (SmartIQ) will be discontinued at ANU after December 2024.


The new performance process is being designed around the following principles, informed by current best practice in performance management:

  • Emphasis on regular feedback rather than once or twice-yearly performance discussions
  • Forward-looking with a focus on future development in addition to reflecting on progress against goals
  • Emphasis on goal-setting with support for how to do this effectively.

The aim is to keep the online tool as simple as possible, and emphasise equipping supervisors and staff to have effective feedback and development conversations. Training and other resources will be provided to support this aim as part of the implementation.

Current stage

The online process and templates are being designed in consultation with a large group of representative stakeholders across the University.

Watch this space

Updates will be provided in the coming weeks with more information on the new system, what training will be available and the process for transitioning from current open PDR processes.

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