Recommendation & approval

This part of the form presents, for approval, the recommendation to the delegate for the filling of the position.

Recommended applicant

In support of the commendation, the following documents from the applicant are to be attached.

  • Referee reports.
  • Psychometric testing results.
  • Statement of claims against the selection criteria.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae.

In anticipation of the possibility that the recommended applicant might not accept the appointment, the Selection Committee can indicate to the delegate what action they believe should occur.

If there were other applicants rated appointable then it would be expected that it would be recommended that the next most suitable applicant be appointed. However, if the recommended person were regarded as the only suitable applicant, then it would be expected that the selection committee would reconvene to consider further options.


It is necessary for the Chair to confirm their endorsement of the recommendation of appointment and to certify that the selection of the recommended applicant to fill the position has been undertaken in accordance with ANU recruitment guidelines.

Each member of the Selection Committee should sign the recommendation. An email indicating the committee member's agreement with the recommendation will be acceptable.

If it is not possible for all members of the Selection Committee to sign the report, it should contain a statement by the Chair that the recommendation has the agreement, or not, of the member unable to sign.

When the selection committee disagrees 

In cases where the Selection Committee is unable to reach unanimous agreement as to the recommended applicant, the following steps may be of assistance:

  • Selection Committee members should again independently review all available documentation including role statement, selection criteria, applications, psychometric testing, referees' reports and interview notes and negotiate with other members in order to arrive at an acceptable decision
  • where this process fails, advice should be sought from your HR practitioner.

If unanimous agreement cannot be reached, the favoured applicant of the majority of the Committee should be recommended for appointment. Any dissenting member of the Committee is encouraged to attach a separate report to the delegate outlining the reason for the conclusion they have reached.


Based on the information already provided in relation the process, and taking into account the Appointment details, the delegate is invited to approve the recommended appointment on this part of the form.

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