Assessment of applications

The aim is to provide to the delegate with the background information that led to the recommendation that is detailed in the Recommendation and Approval section of the form. The Report must demonstrate that the process has been conducted in an appropriate manner and the most meritorious applicant has been recommended for appointment.


The following reference documents are to be attached should the delegate wish to review any of the background material that has an influence on the outcome. These documents provide the basis against which each applicant has been judged.

  • Job Advertisement
  • Position Description
  • Selection Criteria

Selection committee meeting

It is also necessary to provide the delegated authority with the following background information:

  • short listing Meeting Date(s)
  • interview Date(s)
  • other selection methods used such as presentations, seminars, tests.

Applicants not short listed for interview

A brief statement must be provided for each applicant that was not short listed by the selection committee. The statement must outline the reasons why the candidate did not meet the selection criteria.


The recommendations of the Selection Committee, in relation to the suitability of interviewed applicants, should be:

  • ranked in order of merit
  • stated in terms of the selection criteria
  • provided in sufficient detail and clarity to enable the delegate to make an informed decision to accept, or not accept, the recommendation of the Selection Committee.

In listing those interviewed,it is helpful if they are shown in order of merit with the applicant to be recommended for appointment detailed first. The appointable applicants are then detailed followed by those considered to be not appointable or not suitable.

This approach helps in determining who should be further considered for the position should there commended person decline the offer. The next person can be approached without further reference to the Selection Committee, provided this is done within 12 months of the advertisement closing date.

If a person has been assessed as 'not appointable', it means that person will not be considered even in the case where all of those assessed as 'appointable' have each in turn refused the offer. In such circumstances, the position will need to be re-advertised.

Applicant summary statements

The statement of each interviewed applicants' suitability for the position should be directly related to the selection criteria. The following is a guide as to what to include in each statement:

  • a brief description of the applicant's back ground and experience
  • a brief description of the written application
  • a summary of the candidate's psychometric testing results, based on their suitability for the position
  • a summary of the key behaviours and capabilities that were demonstrated at interview
  • a summary of the behaviours and capabilities that were not demonstrated at interview (if applicable)
  • a brief comment on the referee reports and whether they confirmed the evidence presented at interview
  • a candidate rating (Highly Suitable, Suitable, Not Suitable).

The statement might also make reference to other aspects of the selection process such as a public lecture/seminar or test required as part of the selection process.

Comments on applicants not recommended should be clear enough to justify the committee's decision and to facilitate counselling of unsuccessful applicants.

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