Selection techniques

Different types of positions require different kinds of selection techniques. Choosing the right techniques will help you to recruit the best person for the position. The selection techniques you choose will depend on the particular skills, attributes and knowledge required for the position. Care must be taken to ensure that the selection criteria can be assessed by the techniques you have chosen.

The most commonly used selection techniques include assessing written applications, conducting panel interviews and checking referee reports.

Recruitment decisions should not be based on the results of one selection method alone. Very often you need to combine two or more techniques to assess a range of skills, knowledge and qualities in candidates. For example, work samples are an excellent way to assess what a candidate is capable of (ie their maximum performance), but they do not provide information on what the candidate does daily (ie their typical performance). Reference checks must also be used to obtain this information.

If you decide to use selection techniques in addition to an interview, then you need to inform all candidates and give them enough notice to make appropriate preparations.

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