Understanding the documentation

Request for position advertisement  

Position details

Helps the recruiter and delegate understand the classification, salary and funding of the position

Justification for position

Is to demonstrate to the delegate why the position is required

Selection committee

Confirms membership for delegate approval

Media insertion details

Tells the recruiter where the job is to be advertised

Advertisement details

The summary statement and advertisement is the first impression of ANU that job seekers will see

Approval to advertise

To be signed by the appropriate delegate/s

Position description  

Purpose statement

A concise statement that makes clear the overall objective of the job and how it will support the strategic goals of the work area

Position dimension and relationships

How this position will fit and work within the individual work location and more broadly across the College or Division and/or campus community

Role statement

The major responsibilities and roles required of the position

Selection criteria

The basis upon which applicants will be assessed. Includes experience and skills that are essential for competent performance in the job

Please liaise with your HR representative before you have the finalised document signed off by the delegate.


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