The job interview plays a critical role in the selection process as it provides the selection committee with the opportunity to identify the applicant who possesses the best mix of knowledge, skills and abilities for the position.

The role of the selection committee is to draw out from applicants the information the committee needs in order to make an assessment about each individual's potential performance in the job. Communication can be helped considerably by planning key aspects: including careful preparation for the interview, creating the right interview environment, asking appropriate questions and concluding the interview well.

Where an applicant is from either an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander or non-English speaking background, Committee members will need to take into account any cultural differences that may influence an applicants approach or responses at interview. These differences may vary depending on the applicant's background.

The needs of applicants with disabilities will also need to be accommodated. This may mean, for example, employing an interpreter if the person is hearing impaired, ensuring wheel chair accessibility and so on.

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