76. Grievance resolution

76.1.  As part of the University’s commitment to a supportive work environment, staff members have access to the University Grievance Resolution Procedure as a mechanism for resolving workplace grievances.

76.2.  The University Grievance Resolution procedure allows the University to deal with matters other than as defined by Clause 77 (Dispute Avoidance and Settlement), which may include an act, behaviour, omission, situation, or decision in which the employee perceives to be unfair or unjustified.

76.3.  Notwithstanding clause 58.4 of the Agreement, a staff member may seek assistance from, or be represented by a union or staff representative and may seek procedural advice from Human Resources staff at any stage of the grievance process.

Early resolution of a grievance

76.4.  A staff member who feels aggrieved about a matter as defined in clause 76.2 is expected to raise the issue(s) with their supervisor, or the supervisor’s supervisor, as soon as practicable. The supervisor must initiate discussions with the staff member within two working days of receiving the grievance.

76.5.  Local Human Resources staff may provide support to this early resolution process if requested by the supervisor.

Formal grievance resolution

76.6.  A staff member who feels that the matter has not been resolved following the early resolution steps may initiate a formal grievance in accordance with University grievance resolution procedures.

Dispute settlement

76.7.  Nothing in this clause prevents a staff member from initiating a dispute to resolve the issue where applicable, in accordance with clause 77 (Dispute Avoidance and Settlement).

76.8.  Where a staff member initiates a dispute in accordance with clause 77 (Dispute Avoidance and Settlement), the grievance procedure will cease.

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