49. Review of staff appointment category

49.1.  Where a staff member considers that their present employment status is incorrectly categorised they may seek a review to ascertain if they should be appointed as an academic or professional staff member based on the duties required to be carried out, as determined by the University.

49.2.  A review of staff appointment category will be made to the delegate of the area in accordance with the following principles:

  1. the decision about whether the appointment is to be academic or professional staff should not be determined by funding source or budgetary considerations, except where those considerations relevantly affect the nature of work to be performed;
  2. the criteria for appointment shall be objective and related to the nature of the work to be undertaken. The criteria to be applied shall also include the basis for assessment of performance, the basis of career progression for the incumbent and to the extent it affects these, the preference of the staff member; and
  3. where the appointment is to an academic position, the type of work must be such as would allow the staff member performing that type of work to have a reasonable prospect of promotion under the University’s academic promotion procedures.

49.3.  If the staff member is not satisfied with the outcome they may request that the Director – Human Resources review the matter. The Director – Human Resources will review the matter in accordance with the principles in clause 49.2 using an appropriately constituted review panel.

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