47. Professional staff career development

47.1 The University recognises that the contributions of highly skilled and dedicated professional staff are critical to the success and future of the University, and to achieving the standards of excellence to which the University has committed.

47.2  The University is committed to providing an ongoing range of career development programs and initiatives to advance the skills and knowledge of professional staff and to prepare them for assuming roles of increased responsibility.

47.3  In order to achieve this, the University commits to the implementation of systematic and targeted staff development activities and opportunities through its career development programs. Such programs include: technical and professional skills development; leadership, management and supervisor development; mentoring; wellbeing; and health and safety training. These programs are provides through face-to-face programs, online learning; technology and systems training; as well as a range of seminars, written resources and publications. These programs are provided by a range of internal and external providers.

47.4  The quality of supervision of staff is an important component of a productive and healthy workplace.The University expects staff to commence relevant supervisor training within 3 months of commencement as a supervisor. Supervisor training shall include: induction for supervisors on appointment; assessment of job performance; equal opportunity/diversity; the application of the provisions of this Agreement and staff coaching.

47.5  Understanding that training is just one element of staff development, the University provides additional development initiatives to professional staff, such as access to a professional staff endowment fund to support attendance and participation in development opportunities; staff scholarship programs; wellbeing initiatives; study leave; internal and external networking opportunities; and access to international staff exchange programs.

47.6 The University is committed to enhancing the career pathways and mobility of professional staff by supporting rotation through work units, multi-skilling, project assignments and selective use of advertised secondments.

47.7  The University will monitor and report on annual levels of staff training and development in achievement of University strategic goals. Funding for Career Development opportunities will be provided through a mixture of central funding through the Human Resources Division and other internal training providers, and through local budget centres. The University aims to ensure that this funding is maintained at current levels.

47.8  The University will offer 50 scholarships of up to $2,500 each year during the term of this Agreement to support identified career development priorities for individual staff, and general supervisory and leadership development.