45. Flexible working hours for professional staff

45.1.  Flexible working hours allow staff members and the University to vary hours, and patterns of work, to meet the teaching, research and administrative priorities of the University and the staff members’ personal commitments, taking into account the operational requirements of the work area. Any flexible working hours must be agreed between the supervisor and the staff member. Records of agreed start and finish times, and that relevant time off has been taken, must be kept by the area.

45.2.  The University has two main types of flexible working hours:

  1. Flextime is an arrangement whereby a staff member may, with the approval of their supervisor, start and/or finish work at flexible times normally within the span of hours and such agreement must be documented with records kept of start and finishing times. A request to work flextime will not be unreasonably refused. Flextime is not designed to increase or reduce the total number of hours that must be worked by staff. A staff member will normally be expected to reconcile their flextime within four weeks and two days, unless otherwise approved in writing by their supervisor. Within this period the staff member will be provided with an opportunity to clear their credits and to make up any debits before any decision is made to alter other entitlements. Flextime is administered in accordance with the University’s published guidelines.
  2. Non-prescribed flexible working hours are worked outside the span of hours, may not attract overtime or shiftwork penalties. These flexible hours will be agreed by the University and a staff member or a category of staff members at a work location, or where authorised by the Director – Human Resources. Any such agreement must be documented with records kept of start and finishing times.


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