42. Long service leave

42.1 A continuing, continuing (contingent funded) or fixed term staff member will accrue long service leave at the rate of 13 weeks for the first 10 years of continuous paid service and thereafter accrue on a pro-rata basis.

42.2  A staff member may take all or part of their accrued long service leave entitlement upon accrual of 13 weeks long service leave (that is, after 10 years' continuous paid employment). Accrued long service leave may subsequently be taken at any time subject to notification, minimum period requirements and the University's operational requirements.

42.3  The normal minimum period of long service leave which may be taken is 1 week subject to any exceptions stated below.

42.4  Nothing prevents a staff member making an application to the Director - Human Resources to:

  • Cash out part of their long service leave due to hardship.
  • Have the long service leave payment made in a manner assisting the staff member with a lifestyle change of their choice, e.g. working four (4) days a week and being paid one (1) days long service leave on a weekly basis for a defined period.

 42.5  For the purposes of long service leave, the salary will include:

  • higher duties allowance at the rate in force at the date of commencement of the leave or date of payment, provided that the staff member has performed the higher duties for at least 12 months at the date of commencement of leave or the date of payment; and
  • long service allowance at the rate in force at the date of commencement of leave or the date of payment.

42.6  A staff member may, subject to the operational requirements of the University, take extended leave long service leave on half pay (instead of a shorter period on full pay).

42.7  Subject to the conditions governing annual leave, a staff member may add to the period of absence on long service leave:

  • annual leave; and
  • a public holiday which falls within or adjoins the long service leave period.

42.8 A staff member who becomes ill during a period of long service leave, where that illness is substantiated by a medical certificate, may apply to have their long service leave entitlement re-credited for the period covered by the medical certificate where they take the personal leave provided for in clause 37 (Personal leave).

Pro-rata leave for part time staff members

42.9 Where a staff member works part time for part or all of the period of employment, they will be paid long service leave entitlements pro rata, based on the full time salary at the time of leave, for the period of leave having regard to employment over the 10 year qualifying period.

Long service leave notice periods

42.10 Where a staff member gives not less than 6 month's notice, the time of taking long service leave will be at their choosing, unless the University establishes in exceptional circumstances that arrangements cannot reasonably be put in place that would allow the leave to be taken at the requested time.

42.11 . Where a staff member gives less than 6 months notice, an application for long service leave will be considered subject to the operational requirements of the University

42.12 This notice period does not apply where a staff member applies for long service leave during a period of approved unpaid parental leave.

42.13 A staff member who has accrued more than 19.5 weeks long service leave entitlements may be required, on 6 months written notice, to take up to 13 weeks of such leave at a time convenient to the University, except that a staff member who has given written notice of their intention to retire must not be required to take long service leave within 24 months of retirement.

Pay-out on cessation of employment

42.14 A staff member who ceases employment before accruing 13 week long service leave will be entitled to payment equivalent to salary for the period of accrued leave if their period of continuous employment is not less than the relevant minimum qualifying period specified in the following table: 

Circumstances Minimum qualifying period (yrs)
Ceasing employment on the grounds of ill health;
Cessation of a continuing (contingent funded) appointment in circumstances where the staff member would be entitled to severance pay in accordance with clauses 13.8 (Continuing (contingent funded) appointments - notice periods and eligibility for severance payments);
Expiry of a fixed term appointment in circumstances where the staff member would be entitled to severance pay in accordance with clause 56 (Eligibility for severance payments – fixed term staff); or,
Death in service  
Resignation, dismissal   7