22. Academic staff and outside work

22.1.  Where an academic staff member is contemplating or undertaking fee paying consultancies, teaching or training (including executive training) work outside the University and the staff member publicises their affiliation with the ANU, the staff member must:

  • declare and discuss any potential for a conflict of interest with their supervisor; and
  • seek approval of the delegate under the 52-Day Rule policy to undertake such work.

22.2.  Where the University determines that a conflict or potential conflict of interest exists for an activity not approved under the 52-day rule, the University may direct the staff member to:

  1. cease or not undertake such work; or
  2. in some circumstances, convert their ANU employment to a fractional appointment to ensure this work is not in conflict with their employment at the University; or
  3. negotiate to pay a “royalty” payment as determined by the University for the use of the University’s name and reputation for excellence while the staff member holds their University appointment and undertakes such outside work.


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