Recycling & waste management

Facilities & Services Building Operations Team works to ensure the responsible handling of all recycling and waste on campus. ANU is committed to continually moving towards the goal of being an environmentally sustainable campus.

We work to ensure that ANU is responsible in its handling of recycling and waste on campus and that it is always moving towards its goal of being a fully environmentally sustainable campus. 


ANU is seeking to reduce this waste through recycling initiatives that promote the sustainable reuse of common wastes.

Our recycling programs on campus include:

  • batteries
  • mobiles and small electrical devices
  • paper and cardboard (secure and non-secure)
  • computers
  • demolition and construction waste
  • toner cartridges and photocopier bottles
  • comingled glass, hard plastic, aluminium and steel
  • bulk steel
  • e-waste

Waste disposal

ANUgreen operates programs to encourage the reuse and recycling of many items. For those things that cannot be reused or recycled, ANU ensures they are disposed of in a way that is responsible and has the least environmental impact possible.

Contact Building Operations - Maintenance, Cleaning, Waste & Recycling for further information on waste disposal at ANU.