A large workforce of in-house and contracted tradespeople provide preventive and corrective maintenance services to buildings and infrastructure at ANU.

Our services are tailored to meet the changing needs of the staff and students who operate in a variety of facilities, ranging from science labs and teaching spaces, to libraries, museums and residential buildings.

Facilities and Services Division manage maintenance via a computer based maintenance management system (MMS) called Maximo.  All service requests should be logged through this system via your local building custodian.

Service requests are ranked allowing the maintenance team to respond according to priority, 5 being the highest to 0 being the lowest.

Priority 5          within 2 hours - Maintenance Emergency

Priority 4          within 24 hours

Priority 3          within 2 days

Priority 2          within 1 week

Priority 1          within 1 month

Priority 0          greater than 1 month

Maintenance Emergencies 

All maintenance emergencies will be treated as Priority 5.

When making an emergency maintenance call you will need to provide some key information:

  • Building name or number;
  • Details of the emergency;
  • Local contact details: Name, Phone number; and
  • Any special precautions or hazards i.e. chemicals, live electrical cables, flooding.

Business Hours 07:30 - 16:30     Ph +61 2 612 57943 or +61 2 612 59125

Contact Facilities and Services Scheduling Office and advise them of the nature of the emergency, the Scheduling Office will dispatch appropriate resources.

Once the emergency has stabilised the local area will need to log a service request through the MMS.

Afterhours 16:30 - 07:30, Weekends and Public Holidays     Ph +61 2 612 52249

Facilities and Services provides after hours emergency response via onsite Security Control Room.  Staff working outside core business hours should report emergencies to ANU Security; ANU Security will respond with the appropriate action.

What type of maintenance is available?

Any required maintenance to buildings should be directed to the Facilities & Services Division. Some examples of maintenance include:

  • damage to buildings
  • leaking roofs
  • blocked toilets
  • leaking taps
  • faulty lights
  • faulty air conditioning or heating
  • faulty doors
  • lift breakdowns
  • power problems
  • faulty fume cupboards
  • fume cupboard not circulating air
  • bad smells - gas, damp.

Maintenance and repairs to the landscape or outdoor areas should be directed to Gardens and Grounds.

Maintenance and repairs of teaching and learning spaces are managed by Teaching and Learning Commons.

Service requests

Raise a service request

Staff and students in areas of the University should speak to their relevant building custodian to discuss required maintenance needs and to raise a service request if they do not have access to the MMS.

Building custodians are able to request work through the MMS or by contacting the Facilities & Services Division directly.

If you don't have access to the MMS you can request access by completing the Maximo access form or by contacting Facilities & Services Division.