Business owner: Facilities & Services Division

A large workforce of in-house and contracted tradespeople and skilled technicians provide comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance services to buildings at ANU.

ANU uses a Maintenance Management System (MMS) to ensure that maintenance requests are managed in an efficient and effective way and that the University meets its legislative requirements. The MMS is an easy-to-use, integrated asset management system that manages over 14,000 assets in more than 150 buildings across multiple campus sites. By using the MMS, Facilities & Services Division is able to proactively maintain many of the University's assets and buildings.

The various areas of the University are able to connect to the MMS to request or cancel work, to monitor the progress of work and to schedule regular maintenance. This is particularly important for some of the high-end laboratory equipment used on campus.

Service requests

Staff and students in areas of the University should speak to their relevant departmental Business Office or building manager to discuss required maintenance needs and to raise a service request if they do not have access to the Maintenance Management System.

Business Offices and building managers are able to request work through the Maintenance Management System (MMS) or by contacting the Facilities & Services Division directly.

Access request

If you don't have access to the MMS you can request access by completing the application form or by contacting Facilities & Services Division.

Explanation of operator roles in Maximo

Role Description
Submit Service Requests Access to allow the entering of a Service Request for maintenance work and small alterations.
Monitor Work Order Costs Access to allow the monitoring of work relating to status, costs & delays etc. against a Building, a GL Account, a Business Unit or a defined area.
Enter Equipment/Plant Data Access to allow the entering of Equipment/Plant data as necessary for the compilation of a preventive maintenance program.
Create Plans Access to allow the creation of Job Plans, Safety Plans, Safety Hazards, Safety Precautions & Lock Outs necessary for the compilation of a preventive maintenance program.
Create PM’s Access to allow the creation of Preventative Maintenance Programs (PM's) using frequency data against Equipment, Plant & Locations.
Run PM’s Access to allow the running of Preventative Maintenance Programs (PM's).

Following roles restricted to Facilities and Services

Role Description
Create Maintenance Work Orders Access to allow the creation of Maintenance/Project Work Orders for maintenance, refurbishments & new works.
Enter Labour Usage Access to allow the entering of Labour usage against individual Work Orders.
Enter Financial Data Access to allow the entering of Financial Data required to balance Maximo & ESP Financials.
Create Purchase Requisitions Access to allow the creation of Purchase Requisitions for purchases to be made against Work Orders.
Inventory Control Access to allow the control of Inventory stock held in the Facilities and Services store and associated locations.