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Writing in company

Writing in Company sessions are offered online on an ad hoc basis – fitting the sessions into and around our busy work lives to keep the thread of writing productivity alive. Participants are welcome to attend as they can, depending on their own schedules and responsibilities.

A variation on the classic 'Shut up and write' model, these writing sessions are designed to help you get extra value out of your writing efforts. Participants announce their specific tasks for each session. This advance preparation means that you will be ready to get straight into the writing the moment the bell goes. It also provides the opportunity for some benchmarking to learn about what other HDRs are focused on and how much they expect to get done in a two-hour session. Importantly, this approach helps you recognise how long it takes you to do the writing, so you can then make realistic plans to meet your goals. Research writing expert Dr Cally Guerin will guide participants through the sessions, providing on-the-spot suggestions and advice.

By the end of each session, participants will have produced measurable progress on their writing.

If you'd like to join us, please email researcherdevelopment@anu.edu.au to receive invitations for upcoming sessions.