Thesis Proposal Review Boot Camp

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Thesis Proposal Review Boot Camp (online)

2023 dates:

  • October 11,12 and 13 

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Go on a three-day ‘deep dive’ boot camp designed to help you finish writing your Thesis Proposal Review document.

The Thesis Proposal Review (TPR) is the first and most important part of the ANU milestone process for HDR candidates. While the length of the document you have to write varies according to where you are enrolled, the basic format remains the same. The TPR should set out a clear research problem, situate your research proposal in the literature and tell the audience how you plan to carry out the research. This boot camp will give you time and structured support to complete this document to a high standard.

What is a boot camp?

The boot camp method was developed at the University of Melbourne by Peta Freestone, Liam Connell and Katherine Firth. Borrowing from popular novel-writing boot camps in the United States, boot camp is a three-day immersive workshop where participants get specialised instruction and time to put the learning into practice.

At ANU we have reworked the basic boot camp formula to provide support for different types of writing projects and challenges. Each boot camp has a ‘stretch target’ to work towards and you are expected to write in the company of others who are attempting the same thing. Boot camp has specific attendance requirements, which are there to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. Boot camp combats the isolation of the PhD experience, providing a supportive environment to motivate you and make friends with others who are sharing the same experience.

What to expect?

The format will be a three-day Zoom meeting. This opportunity is available only to PhD and MPhil candidates. The program is structured to help you understand what is required and how to do it. We also include 'shut up and write' style sessions where you have a chance to work on your document in the harmonious, online company of others.

Your facilitators

Dr Cally Guerin works in the Researcher Development team at the Australian National University. She has been teaching, researching and publishing in doctoral education since 2008, delivering workshops for PhD candidates and their supervisors to develop effective research practices. Much of her time is spent translating the mysteries of academic research cultures for newcomers.

Simon Clews is a Learning Advisor with ANU. Prior to that he was the Director of the Melbourne Engagement Lab at Melbourne University for 15 years. Simon has been heavily involved in the Three Minute Thesis and Visualise Your Thesis and competitions since their inception. He is the author of The New Academic and Your Time Starts Now! with Be Visible Or Vanish: Engage, Influence, and Ensure Your Research Has Impact, co-written with Thesis Whisperer, Inger Mewburn, coming out this year. 

If you have a question about this Boot camp, please contact Dr. Cally Guerin on or Simon Clews on