External entrepreneurship opportunities

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ANU provides a range of innovation-related training for the University's staff and students, but we also work closely with a range of organisations and initiatives to make additional opportunities available to ANU, including networking events to engage with the local innovation community, advanced startup training for entrepreneurs, etc.



Canberra Innovation Network

Canberra Innovation Network (CBRIN) is an open collaboration of people that form the Innovation Ecosystem in Canberra. The innovation community that CBRIN represents and supports include world-class researchers, entrepreneurs and startups, investors and venture capital, ACT and Federal Government, etc.

More information:Via Canberra Innovation Network website

GRIFFIN Accelerator

GRIFFIN Accelerator is a 3 month intensive program run by a group of seasoned Canberra entrepreneurs who invest in, host, teach and mentor selected startups to create successful businesses. For three months we work with you intensively and then help you present your business to investors. 

More information:Via GRIFFIN website

KILN Incubator

KILN is a Canberra based business incubator. We partner with early stage technology- and science-based startups, as well as with high-growth innnovative SMEs to help them raise capital, build growth teams and scale-up to national and global markets. 

More information:Via KILN website

The Mill House Ventures

Mill House Ventures runs a social enterprise accelerator designed to accelerate the business growth and impact of not-for-profit and for-profit social ventures.

More information:Via The Mill House website

ACT Renewables Innovation Hub

The ACT Renewables Innovation Hub provides a collaborative co-working and office space for the renewable energy and clean-tech industry in the ACT.

More information:Via the ACT Renewables Innovation Hub website

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