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ANU Research Skills and Training are eager to support higher degree research (HDR) students nearing the end of their degree to answer the big question: what’s next?

Around 60% of research students now exit the academy when they finish their PhD. We know that ANU graduates have good career outcomes in the long run, but not everyone achieves their dream job of an academic position. In a competitive academic job market, what skills and attributes do academic employers really want from you? The answers might surprise you! If you still want a research career, but need to look outside of the higher education sector to secure employment, what are your options?

Join us at one or more of the ‘ANU career doctor’ sessions to explore your options and broaden your horizons.



Career Doctor: Career Crafting with Dr Shari Walsh


Career Doctor: Managing the Gap with Dr Shari Walsh


Career Doctor: Career Crafting with Dr Shari Walsh (repeat session)


Career Doctor: Communicating outwards with Dr Shari Walsh



Career Doctor with the Thesis Whisperer. Beyond Plan B: non traditional career options for PhD graduates

ANU Career Doctor is offered in Semester 1 each year. We promote upcoming workshop in the monthly Research Digest, on Facebook and through your college. If you have any question about the Career Doctor to the research community for higher research students, please contact ANU Research Skills and Training.

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