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Below are the bootcamps running in 2024, including sign up links. Scroll down to learn more about the program.

Bootcamp Type


Sign up link



Thesis Bootcamp (20,000 word challenge) with Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer) and Dr Cally Guerin


23, 24, 25 February, 2024

Applications close: Monday 29 January

(This event takes place over the weekend to accommodate part time candidates)


Sign up for Thesis Bootcamp (20,000 word challenge) in February 2024

TPR Bootcamp with Prof Inger Mewburn

29, 30 Apr & 1 May, 2024

Applications close: Friday 26 April 2024


Sign up for the TPR Bootcamp in Apr 2024

Statistics Bootcamp with A/Prof Alice Richardson – this event is still to be confirmed, but you sign up to express interest.


8, 9 and 10 May, 2024

Applications close: Monday 29 April

Express interest in the Statistics Bootcamp in May 2024

Best seller book Bootcamp with Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer) and Simon Clews


14, 21 and 28 of June, 2024 (three consecutive Fridays)

Sign up for the Best seller book Bootcamp in June 2024

TPR Bootcamp (facilitator to be confirmed)


9, 10, 11 October, 2024

Applications close: Monday 2 October


Sign up for the TPR Bootcamp in October 2024

Journal article writing Bootcamp (facilitator to be confirmed)

6, 7 and 8 November, 2024

Applications close: Monday 28 October


Sign up for the Journal article writing Bootcamp in November 2024

Thesis Bootcamp (20,000 word challenge) with Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer) and Dr Cally Guerin


9, 10 and 11 December, 2024

Applications close: Monday 28 October.

Sign up for the Thesis Bootcamp (20,000 word challenge) in December 2024

What is a Boot Camp?

ANU Researcher Development run a series of 3 day Boot Camps to support HDR candidates across all stages of their research degree. These bootcamps are offered to all researchers at ANU.

The concept of a Boot Camp is disarmingly simple:

  • Put a group of people in the same room (or zoom) for three days and give them a common goal. Sometimes we ask people to write to a (seemingly ridiculous) word count, other times it might be developing a particular kind of document. The point is to give you time and space to work on your own research project and learn new skills at the same time.
  • Provide expert help and guidance: while you work in the harmonious company of others, an expert is present to help guide you. Our experts share their top tips in short, snappy ‘teaching breaks’ as well as offer one on one consults with you  to address specific issues.
  • Offer food and breaks to socialise or move your body so the intense work schedule is bearable!

Why is bootcamp so popular?

Bootcamps help you deepen and extend your thinking about your own research, as well as showing you new ways to work.

ANU supports the bootcamp program because an internal, longitudinal study showed it has many positive benefits for HDR candidates. We have extended the invitation to some of our bootcamps to other researchers at ANU because so many find the 3 day intensive format a great way to get a lot of work done in a short time.

People regularly surprise themselves with how much they can get done at bootcamp, especially with the expert guidance we offer. You might think writing 20,000 words on a single weekend is not possible: but we show you how. Think of us like tennis coaches… our expert facilitator helps you perfect your serve and give you structure to help you reach peak performance.

What type of bootcamps are available?

The table below contains descriptions and ‘need to know’ information about each bootcamp.

Bootcamp description

Need to know


Statistics bootcamp

Go on a three-day ‘deep dive’ boot camp designed to help you write a Data Analysis Plan and identify the statistics you need to conduct your research. This camp is suitable for first year PhD and MPhil candidates.

Expert facilitator:A/Prof Alice Richardson



Fully online (via Zoom).

You will need access to Zoom as well as a camera and microphone.

This bootcamp is recommended for people in the first year of HDR candidature.


TPR bootcamp

The Thesis Proposal Review (TPR) should set out a clear research problem, situate your research proposal in the literature and tell the audience how you plan to carry out the research. This boot camp will give you time and structured support to complete this document to a high standard and plan your oral presentation.

Expert facilitators:Dr Cally Guerin or Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer)


Fully online (via Zoom).

You will need access to Zoom as well as a camera and microphone.

This bootcamp is recommended for people in the first year of candidature – it is best to sign up for this one after you have completed at least 3 months of study.


Journal article writing bootcamp

Did you promise yourself you will 'finish that paper' and somehow it doesn't happen?

Want to make sure it will?

This bootcamp is open to all researchers at ANU: from PhD to professor, everyone can benefit from time, space and expert help to finish a journal article!

Expert facilitators:Dr Cally Guerin or Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer)


We run this fully online or in blended mode.

You will need access to Zoom as well as a camera and microphone.

You can come to this bootcamp anytime. We support multiple attendances, so feel free to sign up if you have done this one before.

If you are a HDR candidate, we recommend coming along in your second or third year, when you are contemplating starting to publish. 


Best Seller book bootcamp

If you are interested in writing a popular book based on your research (and maybe even making some money), this Boot camp is for you! Come along for three Fridays to learn how to put together a book proposal that publishers cannot resist buying.

This bootcamp is offered to all ANU researchers, including alumni and visiting faculty.

Expert facilitators: Simon Clews and Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer)


Blended: you can choose to attend in person or online (via Zoom).

If zooming in, you will need access to Zoom as well as a camera and microphone.

While you can come to this bootcamp anytime, if you are a HDR candidate we recommend leaving it until final year.  


Thesis bootcamp (20,000 word challenge)

This bootcamp was built on a concept originally created and developed by Dr Liam Connell, Dr Peta Freestone and Dr Katherine Firth.

Yes - this is the famous one that got a write up in Nature, and yes, we really do help you learn to write 20,000 words in three days!

Research candidates can often encounter difficulties with writing towards the end of their degree. Thesis Boot Camp helps you do a large amount of work on your thesis and develop productive writing habits in a single weekend.

Expert facilitators: Prof Inger Mewburn (@thesiswhisperer)and  Dr Cally Guerin 


Only HDR candidates who have completed 2.5 or more years of study will be considered for this bootcamp.

This bootcamp is in person only (there will be no remote joining options).

All meals provided.

Please note, this is not a residential bootcamp – you will go home each night.

If you want to stay on campus, check out the ANU campus accommodation options.

How can I apply?

As with everything that the Researcher Development team offers, our camps are an inclusive and safe space for all students to work.

Each Boot Camp program is extremely popular, and spaces can be limited, especially for in person events.

Your application will go through an application process assessing your research progress, goals for the camp and personal circumstances. Places are offered based on the information you supply us with, but we make a special effort to accommodate caring duties and health needs.

For more information about the ANU bootcamp program, email