ANU LGBTIQA+ Ally Training

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Course overview


This free workshop is offered as part of the University's commitment to providing a diverse and inclusive campus where all people can safely work and study free of harassment or discrimination.

Ally Training provides participants with an overall understanding of why LGBTIQ+ inclusion is important to an organisation and explores challenges often faced by people who identify as LGBTIQ+ and the impact that harassment and discrimination can have in the workplace.

Participants who complete the training will be able to join the ANU Ally Network.

Who should attend?


For all staff (and students), this workshop provides participants with the knowledge and skills to create an inclusive culture for all LGBTIQ+ staff members and be an effective Ally within the ANU community. 

How do I register? 


Select "Register Now" to find upcoming workshops for this training on the Respectful Relationships Unit Eventbrite page. 

Key takeaways


At the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the acronym LGBTIQ+ and current appropriate terminology
  • Understand inclusion in the workplace and reasons why many LGBTIQ+ people are not in positions to speak out on their own behalf, or are fearful of being harassed or discriminated against
  • Identify why it is important to have Allies who are prepared to support students and staff who identify as LGBTIQ+
  • Create an inclusive culture for all LGBTIQ+ employees and be an effective Ally

What the course will cover


Topics addressed will include:

  • What inclusion in the workplace is and what it is not: Appropriate behaviour, building awareness, adhering to organisational values of inclusion across all diversity groups, creating an inclusive culture
  • Why LGBTIQ+ inclusion is important: Self editing strategies, impact on individuals wellbeing and career development
  • Diversity of sex, gender identity, gender expression and orientation: Heteronormative binary identities, homophobia, invisible stigmatised identities, diversity within LGBTIQ+
  • Cass Model of identity development: Identity confusion, identity comparison, identity tolerance, identity acceptance
  • Characteristics of an effective Ally: Understanding terminology and myths, advocating for inclusion equity and respect for all, respect for privacy and confidentiality, role modelling person centred language

Get involved 

University-wide events  

The Ally Network hosts a range of exciting events throughout the year on dates that are important to the LGBTIQA+ community. These events are open to everyone, not just Ally Network members. To view our upcoming events, head to the RRU events page.

Monthly Newsletter

Members receive email newsletters on the 1st of every month including information about what's on that month, queer opinion blog pieces, member of the month interviews and local queer initiatives promotion. 

Social Media

Follow the Ally Network on Facebook @ANUALLY and Instagram @ANUALLYNETWORK for weekly posts and engagement

ANU Ally Network Leadership Stream

Watch this space to learn more about this upcoming offering


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