Statistical Consultation Service

Looking for statistical advice in experimental design, survey design, data management, statistical software packages, exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling and data presentation?

The Statistical Consulting Unit is staffed by experienced practising statisticians who maintain regular contact with other statisticians at the ANU, CSIRO and elsewhere. Staff profiles are available here. You can request an appointment to discuss your statistical issues with us. 

Request a consultation

To meet with one of our consultants to discuss your project, please fill out the consultation request form. In most cases, a consultant will contact you within 3 days of your request. Consultations generally run for one hour and there is no limit to the amount of times you may see a statistician. New research students are encouraged to bring their supervisor(s) to the first consultation. Honours students are encouraged to bring their supervisor(s) to every consultation. Please follow the data organisation guidelines when providing your dataset to any consultant.

When should you contact us?

From the beginning of the project! A well designed project can save time, money and maximise the information obtained. We have seen cases of poorly-designed studies from which very little was salvageable. Collaboration between the statistical consultant and the client will be far more fruitful if the consultant is involved from the beginning of the project.

Telephone advice

Advice will not ordinarily be given over the phone unless the one to one consultation needs to be undertaken that way. In our experience, a 'quick' question often masks a complex research problem, requiring a consultation for discussion of all the issues.