Getting Ethics Approval

NOTE APRIL 2022 - Increased wait times for committee review

The Ethics office is currently experiencing an unprecedented demand for the review of Human Ethics protocols. The committees are operating at capacity and we therefore recommend submitting your application a minimum of 6 week prior to the anticipated review date.

Applications that meet the preliminary assessment requirements for committee review will be placed in a queue and will be tabled at an upcoming meeting in order of receipt.

To avoid delays in the review process, please ensure that you address the questions in the questions tab carefully (ensuring risks are acknowledged and information is provided regarding how those risks will be mitigated) and upload the required documents (following the guidance on the templates).

How does COVID-19 affect my research?
The University Research Continuity Working Group is assessing the impact of COVID-19 on ANU research. Please refer to the University COVID-19 ethics advice and check the COVID-19 news page regularly for updates.

Do I need ANU Human Ethics approval?

All Australian National University researchers (staff or students) who intend on conducting research involving the collection of data from human participants need to apply for ANU Human Ethics approval before starting their data collection. (See FAQ: Do I need Ethics approval?)


I already have Ethics Approval from another institution »


How to get Ethics Approval at ANU »

If this is your first time applying for Human Ethics approval at ANU, visit this page for what you need to do and what you need to know to get started.


Information Sheets and Consent Forms »

This page has templates for Participant Information Sheets, Consent Forms, Confidentiality Agreements and Media Release Form that you may need to include in your application.


FAQs »

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the ethics application and review process.

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