Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee

The primary responsibility of the AEEC is to ensure on behalf of the institution, that all care and use of animals is conducted in compliance with the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes. The AEEC applies a set of principles, outlined in the Code that governs the ethical conduct of people whose work involves the use of animals for scientific purposes. The role of the AEEC is to ensure that the use of animals is justified and provides for the welfare of those animals and incorporates the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement.

The AEEC meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month except December - all proposals and amendment applications must be submitted to Research Services by the deadlines in the table below.

Submission Cut off Dates 2019

Meeting Dates 2019


12 noon Wed, 2 January

15 January

COB Wed, 30 January 19 February
COB Wed, 27 February 19 March
COB Wed, 27 March 16 April
COB Wed, 1 May 21 May
COB Wed, 29 May 18 June
COB Wed, 26 June 16 July
COB Wed, 31 July 20 August
COB Wed, 28 August 17 September
COB Wed, 25 September 15 October
COB Wed, 30 October 19 November
No Meeting (December)



12 noon Thurs, 2 January 21 January 2020

(No AEEC meetings held in December)


Submission Cut off Dates 2020

Meeting Dates 2020


12 noon Thurs, 2 January

21 January

COB Wed, 29 January 18 February
COB Wed, 26 February 17 March
COB Wed, 25 March 21 April
COB Wed, 29 April 19 May
COB Wed, 27 May 16 June
COB Wed, 1 July 21 July
COB Wed, 29 July 18 August
COB Wed, 26 August 15 September
COB Wed, 30 September 20 October
COB Wed, 28 October 17 November
No Meeting (December)



12 noon Mon, 4 January 19 January 2021


  • a person with qualifications in veterinary science
  • a person with substantial recent experience in animal experimentation
  • a person with demonstrable commitment to and established experience in furthering the welfare of animals who is not a member of The Australian National University
  • a person responsible for the routine care of animals within The Australian National University
  • an independent person who is not involved in the conduct of experiments using animals and is not a member of The Australian National University
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