Waste contract

A new waste and recycling contract was implemented in 2016.  The service will manage most major streams across the University including general waste, commingled recycling, paper and cardboard, and e-waste.  With the technology and systems that the dedicated waste vehicles utilise, the ANU is able to obtain a superior level of reporting.  Bins are tracked by GPS and weights of bins emptied are recorded enabling efficiency and accuracy in actual costs.  This method reflects the true cost of waste disposals and encourages the schools and colleges to generate less waste and divert waste from landfill.

The new waste contract enables all buildings to have the ability to recycle all commingled, paper and cardboard which will increase recycling across the campus, as some buildings previously didn't have recycling.  A secure waste disposal service is also offered under the contract at no cost to departments due to the ANU dedicated trucks being certified to carry confidential/secure paper.  This has provided the University with a considerable saving during 2016 and will continue over the life of the contract.