Transition to Accrual Based Payroll

The Transition to Accrual Based Payroll project was deployed to production and the system is now generating accrual data for payroll.

What are we trying to achieve?

This project improved financial reporting and data accuracy by moving from a cash based accounting system for payroll to an accrual based accounting system for payroll.

How it improved our services?

The key benefit of this project was the payroll expenses are now accounted for in the period in which they were worked.

What was involved?

  • Design and document the modifications to the HR Payroll System that will allow for actuals and accruals to be sent through to Finance Systems.
  • Configuration of HR Payroll System.
  • Modifications to Finance Systems to accept new data.
  • User Acceptance Testing from HR and Finance.
  • Updated operation documentation and training manuals.
  • Go live for the HR Systems and Finance Systems.

Highlight news

8 Dec 2014

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The system updates for the Transition to Accrual Based Payroll project will be pushed into production on Tuesday 16 December. The final testing phase...