Transition Month

13 December 2018

During Transition Month (weeks before, during and post Orientation Week) the Respectful Relationships Unit will be involved in a range of activities to:

  • Increase awareness of the Respectful Relationships Unit
  • Promote prevention messages of gender equality and bystander intervention
  • Promote reporting processes for SASH, both in a residential and non-residential context
  • Promote support services on campus, including CRCC, Dean of Students and ANU Counselling

The activities will be supported by the Respectful Relationships Student Ambassadors and include:

  • Presenting to student leaders and new students in each residence
  • Supporting key events such as Toga Party, International Student Welcome, Music in the Meadows, Friday Night Party and PARSA Big Day
  • Presenting at large first year lectures in Week 1 of Semester
  • Developing and disseminating information resources and graphics to include in Student Handbooks, Online Induction Modules, In-Person Inductions, Market Day and more.

For more information and questions about the Transition Month 2019 please contact Claudia Kevin at