Support for accessing IDCARE

7 June 2019

We have all been affected by the data breach, and many in our community have asked for advice and assistance to minimise the risk of identity theft, such as the unauthorised use of accounts or the use of stolen credentials.

There are steps you can take to ensure your data is secure and reduce the risk of your identity being used to create fake accounts. We recommend the following:

  1. Contact your financial institution and advise them of the breach. Ask them about any additional protection they can provide for your accounts;
  1. Continue to monitor financial transactions that date back to November 2018 for any suspicious or unexplained behaviour;
  1. Request a copy of your credit report from an national credit reporting organisation to see anyone has initiated a credit application;
  1. As previously advised ensure you have two-factor authentication on your online accounts including banking; and
  1. Be extra vigilant when receiving unsolicited emails, phone calls and text messages and avoid providing personal and financial information if requested.

To help those of you whom may require assistance and support regarding identity theft, ANU has partnered with IDCARE, Australia’s National Identity & Cyber Support Community Service, to extend their specialist services to our community.

If you would like tailored advice and support to address individual identity concerns, IDCARE’s Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors are available to provide anonymous and tailored advice and response information – at no charge to you.

IDCARE will also facilitate any interactions you may need with any relevant organisations or agencies needed to place further safeguards on your data.

If you’d like the IDCARE referral details, you can contact ANU via 1800 275 268 or email