Student First is mapping the student experience

27 September 2022

As part of ANU Digital Master Plan (DMP) the University has committed to delivering a student experience equal to the world’s best by 2025. The Student First Program is one of the foundational programs to deliver on this commitment. 

Using a human-centred design approach, Student First has been building on current data and conducting discovery research, to create a detailed view of the student experience. This work involved one on one interviews with students and staff, workshops, diary studies and guerrilla interviews. 

Dr Susan Hansen, Student First Program, Human-Centred Design Practice Lead explains how the research has delivered several assets to better understand the student experience. 

Our engagements with students and staff have already uncovered key themes, joy, pain points and opportunities for improvement. What we have discovered to date has been mapped in a Current State Blueprint. The Blueprint illustrates the domestic undergraduate student experience in relation to the types of tasks they will complete during their time with the ANU. Staff experience, tasks and involved technology have also begun to be mapped in relation to the student experience,” Susan says. 

The Team has been undertaking a roadshow of the discovery research with Colleges and Portfolios. A dedicated SharePoint site,, is also now available exclusively for students and staff to explore the details of the discovery research. 

Discovery research will continue with other student cohorts and staff in order to create a wholistic picture of the diverse student experience at the ANU.  

Members of the ANU community are encouraged to contact the Student First Program Team if they wish to be involved.