SA8 and Daley Road

From Monday 19 December 2022, the Daley Road extension past our new student residence Yukeembruk will open and includes a new traffic light intersection at the corner of Daley Road and Clunies Ross Street. The accompanying laneway, Maliyan Lane will remain closed until late-January 2023. Please be mindful of contractors and pedestrians accessing our new student residence.

As part of traffic management changes required by Transport Canberra and City Services in anticipation of their future Emergency Services site, there are also changes to accessing the Dickson parking station off Clunies Ross St. From the southern access, permit holders are no longer able to turn right on Clunies Ross Street into Dickson Parking Station. If travelling from the south, you will need to continue on to the ANU, turn right into Dickson Road and access the parking station from College Lane (between Burgmann and John XXIII Colleges) if travelling from north, you are still able to turn left into the Dickson Parking Station from Clunies Ross Street. Drivers leaving the parking station via the ramp to Clunies Ross Street are no longer able to turn right towards Barry Drive. If you are travelling north, please do so via College Lane and Dickson Road.

Any questions about these changes should be directed to Nicki Middleton for assistance.