Reminder: ANU IT network passwords need changing every six months

20 December 2018

Are you going on leave after the holidays? You’ll need to update your password between now and the end of January 2019 so you don’t have problems logging in to the network again when you return.

In July 2018 the University brought in a new password update policy. The policy requires all users to update their passwords every six months.

Updates to the password policy since July

Those with log-ins can now change their passwords directly via their UDS-connected computer or tablet. This option is available in the ‘log-out’ menu when you are about to log off or shut down your computer.

It is important to note that those people using tablets or computers not connected to the ANU network will still need to update their password via the University’s ‘Identity Manager’ website. This webpage is accessible externally, so if you forget to change your password before going on leave, you can do so remotely, off campus.