Community Standards and Student Code

12 December 2018

The development of a Student Code of Conduct and a Community Standards for the University were a directive of the Respectful Relationships Steering Group, and were intended to support the ANU community to understand the University's values and the expected behaviours that membership to the ANU community requires.

In pursuing this work, it was identified that that the expected behaviours for both staff and students extend beyond Respectful Relationships, and that any work on Codes of Conduct needed to be holistic and incorporate other issues being debated on campus such as academic freedom. As such, a Code of Conduct Working Group has been established by the ANU Executive and includes representatives from Human Resources, Legal, Student Administration, Corporate Governance, and the Higher Degree Research Office. The Working Group is chaired by Emeritus Professor Toni Makkai, a former Dean of the College of Arts and Social Sciences, and is tasked with the drafting of Codes of Conduct that contain positive language about all expected behaviours for staff, students and other members of the ANU community.

The Working Group will have draft documents for consultation with staff and student communities early in the 2019 academic year. For more information and questions about the Code of Conduct Working Group please contact the Secretariat, Ben Gill at