Buy your KeepCup and help to protect the environment

30 April 2018

Every half an hour 50,000 disposable cups end up in a landfill!

Every half an hour as much as 50,000 take-away cups in Australia are wasted and end up in a landfill. And did you know that with the disposable cups thrown away every year only by the ANU community we could circle the whole Lake Burley Griffin? For ANUgreen, that was reason enough to declare a war on take-away cups and try to reduce the number of them headed for landfill.

In collaboration with four cafés on the Acton campus, ANUgreen has introduced the new KeepCups. With buying the KeepCup, you will contribute to the preservation of the environment, but also save some money, as many cafés are now offering a discount and specials if you bring your own cup.

The KeepCups are available to purchase at:

  • Biginelli's, School of Music
  • Gods Café, Hedley Bull Building
  • Little Pickle, Robertson Building
  • Vanilla Bean, JCSMR.

These cups are made in Australia, dishwasher-safe, lightweight, durable and made from BPA-free polypropylene. You only need to use it 15 times to break even from the cup’s embodied energy. But if you take it to the café every day it will last you hundreds of uses, and at the end of its life the KeepCup is 100% recyclable.

Stocks are limited, so get in quick and get yourself the ANUgreen KeepCup!