Bike parking causing mobility access issues

2 September 2019

You may have seen the ‘no bike parking here’ signs for bikes up around the Kambri precinct.

Since Kambri opened in February, there have been increasing mobility access and safety issues due to push-bikes being attached to buildings, lampposts and railings. ANU has installed more bike racks to help address this issue, and from feedback received at a recent student forum. However, bikes are still being parked in front of buildings, blocking access for students with disabilities or mobility requirements.

As you know, ANU makes every effort to create a safe and accessible campus for our whole community and we ask for your assistance in helping us achieve this in the Kambri precinct. When parking your bike, please use one of the 400 bike rack spots on Tangney Road, Joplin Lane, University Avenue, outside the Health and Well-being Centre, along Sullivan’s Creek, as well as on North Road and around the Chifley Library.

The ‘no bike parking’ signs are in areas of particular concern, such as outside the Di Riddell Student Centre, which offers services to students with mobility and disability support requirements.

ANU is continuing to monitor bike racks and will install more if the community requests this.