ANU Lunch Vox #6 - The remote student experience

“I’m not young enough to be foolishly optimistic, nor old enough to have given up all hope. I sit in between all states of being, waiting for the day I can finally continue my path in life. I see no way forward, yet I cannot go back. I’m academia’s future.” – a remote learning student

Let’s face it, having to suddenly move all teaching online during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was tough – for both teaching staff and students.

With online teaching here to stay – at least for the foreseeable future – how can we ensure that remote learning students don’t miss out on the world-class education and the transformational life experience they were promised? What steps can teachers take to create learning environments that are accessible and inclusive of remote learning students and foster connection?

Join this panel discussion where international students will share what it’s like for them to study remotely and gain insight directly from students into how the online experience could be improved.

Lunch Vox #6 is presented to you by the Centre for Learning & Teaching in collaboration with the ANU Experience Accelerator.

Note, this event was initially scheduled for 12 August and has been re-scheduled to 19 August as a result of the annoucement of the Canberra lockdown starting 12 August.