18 New Teaching Spaces Upgraded & Added to Central Timetabling Pool

29 February 2020

In October 2018, the Service Improvement Group (SIG) was asked to find additional rooms which the Division of Student Administration & Academic Services (DSAAS) could use as departmentally shared spaces due to a teaching space shortage. The rooms were to receive a complete upgrade to their AV systems and, when necessary, renovation of the physical space and furniture, in order to ensure that such an arrangement would be mutually beneficial for the Colleges and Schools that volunteered their teaching spaces for this project.

In partnership with Facilities & Services (F&S) and Information Technology Services (ITS), the below 18 teaching spaces were renovated between the end of Semester 2 2019 and Semester 1 2020. There were numerous challenges, made more complex by the short execution timeline, but teams from F&S, ITS and supporting contractors made the dream of this project a reality. Appreciation for their efforts cannot be understated.

CSIT N108 AD Hope 123a Haydon-Allen 2177
CSIT N101 AD Hope 144 Haydon-Allen 1207
Ian Ross 214 AD Hope 156 Haydon-Allen 2175
Ian Ross 221 AD Hope G28 Copland 1151
Law Library Seminar Room AD Hope G9 Moran G010
School of Art & Design 1.29 BPB W303 Gould 2.46

Spaces receiving a facilities facelift now look modern with clean, sleek furnishings and design. Rooms previously felt shabby and dreary. The new designs are light and inviting, providing a much more conducive environment to teach and learn in. All 18 teaching spaces have received state of the art AV systems that can be remotely supported by the ITS AV Team. Several academic staff training sessions were conducted the week of 17-21 February 2020. The best feedback received was from two lecturers who stated:

We were going to come to your training, but we had a play with the new AV equipment on our own and it was so easy to use that we decided we did not need to attend your training.

Before and After shot of a dark dirty room transforming into a clean light-filled room