System Improvements

Please find a listing of recent and scheduled changes below. If you would like further information regarding any of the listed changes please contact Wattle Support.

Recent Changes

Description Effective date
Added two new roles to Wattle: “Executive” and “Senior Tutor" 26/09/2018
Implement the new ANU Boost based theme 29/08/2018
Updated Turnitin to version 2018052301 01/08/2018
Updated PoodLL to version 2018022101 24/04/2018
Enable Moodle assignments annotation plugin 07/02/2018
Transition to next version of the Lecture Capture platform Echo360 ALP (major project) 01/01/2018


Scheduled Changes

Description Schedule
Review roles that users can have in Wattle Not scheduled
Implement mobile apps for selected systems Not scheduled
Transition to using the new ANU Identity Manager once it is implemented to improve authentication Not scheduled
Improve the Wattle Course Creation and Course Lifecycle processes Not scheduled
Improve Wattle Enrolments Not scheduled
Assist in the adoption of Competency frameworks in Wattle and/or SmartEvidence frameworks in ePortfolio Not scheduled