ITS have an Avaya teleconference unit which lets you set up your own teleconference with up to six parties including yourself anywhere in the world. Using the teleconference unit is much cheaper than standard teleconferencing rates, as you are charged at the ANU corporate AAPT call rates. The availability of the unit is dependent on prior bookings so it is advisable that you book as early as you can.

Any ANU Avaya handset (desk phone) can use this facility also, however the handsets are limited in their suitability depending on the environment the handset is to be used in.

Booking the phone (IP) conference system

To book the Avaya teleconference unit, submit a ticket with the Service Desk Portal and include the following details:

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • College, School, Division or Business Area;
  • Commencement Date;
  • Duration of Booking.

If you need to regularly use a teleconference unit, IT Services recommend purchasing one for your area. This can be done by submitted a request via the Service Desk portal (link). .

The teleconference unit is NOT available for use by organisations that provide conference facilities as a business function or Non-ANU entities.

Teleconference rules and conditions

There are a few rules that you must agree to before booking the teleconference unit. By making a booking you accept the conditions as set out below:

  • A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required by IT Services to deliver and install the conference telephone to the location of the conference. Alternatively, you can pick the phone up from Level 4 of the W.K. Hancock Building - West Wing and install yourself.
  • Once the conference telephone has been delivered or picked up, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is returned in the same condition as you received it. If there is any damage to the equipment, or if there is any missing equipment, the replacement costs will be charged to the relevant area. The aluminium case contains the following equipment:
    • 1 X 240V power cord
    • 1 X cable concentrator
    • 1 X power transformer and lead
    • 1 X 8 metre UTP cable
    • 1 X 2 metre UTP cable
    • 1 X 4 outlet power board
    • 2 X remote microphones
  • ITS can assist with the setup of the conference phone on a working data outlet. We will not patch the outlet to enable a network connection. If you are unsure if the data outlet is working you should talk to your Local IT Support Staff (LITSS) contact. Please make sure that the data outlet is live prior to the conference.
  • Leave yourself enough time prior to the conference to test it and familiarise yourself with the operation of the conference phone.
  • The conference phone will require programming. If you are not comfortable doing this the technician delivering the unit will program it for you.