Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

Business owner: Information Technology Services

Xibo is an open source digital signage solution comprised of a web based content management system (CMS) and is the preferred platform for infoscreens on campus. It can display a wide range of media on various displays screen sizes and can remotely schedule your content using a web portal.

ITS is able to offer limited support for this external application. The attached reference documents have been prepared to assist you in using Xibo, however if you require further information, please raise a ServiceNow ticket.

Xibo Equipment Requirements

This section lists the equipment requirements for the Xibo application:

  • Infrastructure - Network Cabling and Power
  • A Screen/Display for the application
  • A PC or Device running a current Windows Operating System
  • The PC/Device must be bound to the UDS.anu.edu.au domain

If you require an account to access Xibo, please click the following link: Getting access to Xibo