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ANU OneDrive (OneDrive for Business) is a cloud storage service available to all ANU staff, students and affiliates for free as part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite of services. Microsoft Office 365 is the enterprise collaboration platform for the University and offers different tools to suit different collaboration needs..

OneDrive provides a platform for storing an individual's work-related files and hosting collaboration with internal and external members. You can access OneDrive using your University ID and password. All files that you store in OneDrive for Business are private unless you decide to share them. If the information is a record of university business it should be saved in a university recordkeeping system such as ERMS or a university research data repository. To understand you obligation of record keeping and privacy, read the Record keeping and O365 article and the Privacy, security and O365 article.

You can access the data that you have stored on OneDrive via your File Explorer with the OneDrive client.

Key features include:

  • 1 TB of storage space. You may contact ANU Service Desk to request an upgrade of storage quota for up to 5 TB, or discuss for more (This storage quota is provided by Microsoft in Sept 2020 and Service Desk can advise you of the latest figure).
  • Sync files between your device and the cloud, so you can get to your files from anywhere, on any device. This includes your File Explorer, mobile devices, all web browsers and from Microsoft Office applications.
  • Access your files online and offline via File on Demand.
  • Seamless and secure collaboration with others, internally and externally, including those without a Microsoft Office account. 
  • Create, edit, share and co-author Microsoft Office documents in your ANU OneDrive from your web browser using Office web apps – no Office desktop application is required. This will work for both internal (ANU) and external collaborators. 

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