Interactive student information system

Business owner: Division of Student Administration and Academic Services

The Interactive Student Information System, known as ISIS, is the ANU system that allows students to:

  • enrol in courses
  • view invoices
  • check grades
  • confirm graduation eligibility
  • pay fees
  • submit commonwealth assistance forms (CAF)
  • maintain personal information.


Once you have accepted your offer to study at ANU, we will activate your user account and send you an email containing your user name and password.

ISIS is accessed via the system login webpage.

Login failure

If you are having trouble logging in try the following:

  • Wait 24 hours - it can take up to 24 hours after receiving your confirmation email for your ISIS account to be activated.
  • Ensure that you are including a 'u' in front of your seven digit student ID number. Try logging in to Wattle to check your ANU account functionality.
  • If you get an error message that asks you to contact your security administrator, reload the ISIS login page by typing the URL directly into the address bar.
  • If your password continues to fail, try resetting it using the instructions below.

Password reset

Your password cannot be retrieved, but it can be reset. Password reset requests require verification of your identity, so cannot be processed via email. There are two options:

  • Call the IT Service Desk on +61 2 6125 4321.
  • Take your student card to an ITS service desk officer, located at ITS Shopfront - Joplin Lane 1.26.

Password change

You can change your password via Identity Manager. Login, click on 'Manage my account', and then select the 'Change password' tab. Type in your new password and confirm.

For more information about choosing a secure password, please refer to Choosing a secure password or passphrase

Student messages

Student messages in ISIS contain important information that each student must be aware of before and during their academic year. You are required to indicate that you have read and understood each message before you are able to undertake any other action in ISIS.

Task wizard

When you login to ISIS for the first time each year you will be given a list of tasks to complete. These tasks are mandatory in order to enable course enrolment.

Tax file number

If you are a domestic student you require a tax file number (TFN) in order to complete your electronic commonwealth assistance forms (eCAF) in ISIS.

If your TFN is not supplied by the course census date your place at University will be cancelled.

Account closure

Once your account is closed you will no longer have access to Wattle. Your account will be closed:

  • If you complete your program in semester one and graduate in July, your ANU student account will be closed from 31 August.
  • If you complete your program in semester two and graduate in December, your ANU student account will be closed from 31 March the following year.
  • If you discontinue your program at any point during the year, your ANU student account will be closed approximately one week after.

You will retain access to some features in ISIS and your student email account, via registration with ANU Alumni. It is important to keep records of the important documents and information that you have stored in ANU student systems before you complete or discontinue your program. Once your account is closed it cannot be reactivated unless you re-enrol at ANU.


If you graduated on or after July 2009, your academic records, e.g. transcripts, testamur, graduation statements, are available through the ANU Certified Documents website, one month after your graduation.

Current students and alumni are able to purchase a transcript through ISIS.

Viewing documents

If you are having trouble viewing documents such as your eCAF or invoice in ISIS, the problem could be due to your web-browser configuration. Please check the following items on your browser:

  1. Pop-up Blockers
    Most ISIS documents are generated as PDFs that pop-up in a new window. If your browser is configured to automatically block pop-ups, the document will be blocked and it will seem like nothing happens when you click the button to view the document. Please ensure that your pop-up blocker is either turned off, or that pop-ups from ISIS are allowed to display. Use these links for instructions on how to manage the pop-up blockers of recent versions of popular browsers:
  2. PDF Viewers and Browser Plugins
    You will need a PDF viewer (such as the free Adobe Reader) installed to be able to view most ISIS documents. Most PDF programs also have browser plugins that enable you to open and display PDFs directly in your browser. If your PDF browser plugin is installed and enabled, the documents should open in a new tab or window. If not, you will be prompted to download the file instead.Please ensure that you have a PDF Viewer installed, and if you would like to view the document directly in your browser, your browser plugin has to be configured correctly.

If the above steps do not resolve the issues, please try accessing the document on an alternate browser. You can download PC and Mac versions of the popular Mozilla Firefox browser and Google Chrome browser.

** Please note that ISIS is currently not supported on mobile devices.