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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

General questions

1. Can I complete the form on behalf of my supervisor?

The Accelerated Increments form must be initiated by the supervisor of the staff member. Supervisors will be able to select the staff member that the application is for from a list of staff that report to them. If you attempt to complete the form on behalf of a supervisor, you will not be able to select the appropriate staff member as they do not report to you.

Users are reminded that all staff are required to adhere to the University's Acceptable Use of Information Infrastructure policy, and Code of Conduct when accessing the Intelledox eForm software using their UID and password details.

2. Will I need to print or store a copy of the application?

After the delegate decision has been reached for each application, a copy of the finalised application will be:

  • Automatically sent to ERMS
  • Automatically sent to the supervisor and staff member (if approved)

There is no requirement to print these finalised documents for storage on personnel file

3. Are there any limitations on browsers or locations? Can I access the form on my phone?

The eForms portal is mobile friendly and can be accessed from most common web browsing platforms such as:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari


4. How can I tell where the form is up to?

If you are the user that initiated the form you will be able to view the forms current status within the eForms portal. Users are advised to:

  • Login to eForms
  • Click on 'Form Activity' at the top of the screen
  • Users will be able to see:
    • The form state
    • Who it is assigned to
    • Who it was assigned by
    • When it was last updated

5. What is the form workflow?


Form Stage

Form Owner


Accelerated Increment Request



Delegate Approval


No (Delegate can request further information)


6. How do I fix errors in the form?

There are different methods for fixing the data- providing the form HAS NOT been approved by the Delegate



Accelerated Increment

If the form has been sent to the Delegate, but has not been approved: the Delegate can chose 'Further evidence is required to support this application' and the form will be sent back to the supervisor- who will be able to edit the information.


Please note: If the Delegate declines the application, a new application will need to be initiated.



7. Do delegations work the same as the travel form?

Yes, the new HR eForms utilise the same web service integration to retrieve delegation data from the Human Resources Management System. The web service will be tailored to each business process to ensure that the correct delegation is search and delegates returned.


8.  What delegation is used to approve this request?



Delegation details

Delegation #

Delegation Profile

Accelerated Increment- Academic Staff

Approve academic staff salary packages in accordance with University policy including salary level, loadings and allowances (excluding motor vehicle) and employment expenditure




Cluster 1 Levels A-D


158  Cluster 1


Cluster 2- Level E

158 Cluster 2


Accelerated Increment- Professional Staff


Approve incremental progression for academic and general staff in accordance with University procedure.




Cluster 2- Accelerated increment within classification level for general staff


175 cluster 2


Accelerated Increment greater than one step

Director Human Resources approval required IAW ANUP_000619




9. Will delegations work correctly when someone is away?

The Delegations data shown in the form is pulled directly from the HR Management System. In the event that a delegate is away, they are advised to update their Delegations to re-assign delegations where needed.

Please note: assignment of Delegations is not undertaken using the 'assign a proxy' function in HORUS. Users must complete the assignment of delegations form and have it approved by a D3 Delegate or higher

10. If I have a delegation, can I approve applications for my own staff?

Yes, if the supervisor holds the appropriate delegation they will be able to approve the form upon submission. Requests for movements greater than one step, will still be sent to Director, Human Resources for approval.


11. There's a lot of people in the delegation list. Why?

The delegations list contains all delegates within the department code of the supervisor. Users are advised to choose the most appropriate delegate in their area, and if they are uncertain who that is, should contact their local administration of HR area.

12. If an application is for more than one step, will it be automatically directed to Director Human Resources?

If an application for an accelerated increment is for greater than one step, the request will be sent to the local delegate for endorsement, before being sent via the eForm to Director Human Resources for approval.

Policy/Form processing

13. What is the related policy for this form?

14. If someone has negotiated an increment on passing probation, can I do that through the form?

Requests for annual increments should be made in accordance with ANUP_000619. A supervisor can raise the request for the payment of an accelerated increment, and if the delegate is satisfied that the request for the increment meets the policy requirements the request can be approved.

15. Will the system eventually link to the ERMS to upload current performance development reviews?

Yes, there is scope in the future to retrieve Performance Development Review (PDR) documents that have been completed in the PDR eForm.

16. Why can't I submit an application for an Academic staff member to go from A2 to B1?

Payment at the B1 level in this instance is paid as a loading to the B1 salary level. This loading is calculated on the basis that the staff member is currently an A4. Due to system limitations the form is not currently able to move the staff member to an A4 and then pay the loading.

Users are advised to complete the application to move the staff member to the A4 level, and once that is approved, request the move to the B1 loading.

This functionality is being investigated for future releases of the form.

17. Is the form smart enough to notify the staff member that they have received an accelerated increment?

If the request is approved by the delegate, both the staff member and the supervisor who raised the application will be notified.

Where a request is declined, a notification will be sent to the Supervisor only. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to advise the staff member why the application has not been proceeded with.

18. Will applications for accelerated increments be regulated or checked?

Supervisors, Local HR areas and the HR Division will have access to view reports that detail increments that have been processed, or are in progress. Monitoring and review of applications will be undertaken by the central HR Division.

19. Can HR raise a request on behalf of someone else?

No, the Accelerated Increment form is driven by the supervisor/staff member relationship pulled from HRMS. HR personnel are not able to raise these requests as they do not supervise the staff member.

20. Is there a system limit on how regularly an accelerated increment can be applied for?

No, there is no system enforced limit. However, reports will be generated using the data in the forms and local areas as well as the central HR Division will be able to review this information.


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