ANU Recruit

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ANU Recruit is the University's online system used to submit all job advertisements for positions and to administer their selection process.

Full/Part time staff 

As a full time/part time staff member, you can access ANU Recruit using your University ID with prefix U,  and your HORUS password using the login button on this page. 

Password reset

Your password cannot be retrieved, but it can be reset. Password reset requests require verification of your identity, and thus cannot be processed via email. Call the IT Service Desk on +61 2 6125 4321, select option two and then select the College that you work in at then University. If you are unsure of which College you are in select option one for central IT support, and then option two for password reset. 

Password change

You can change your password via Identity Manager. Login, click on 'Manage my account', and then select the 'Change password' tab. Type in your new password and confirm.

ANU Recruit access for casual staff, POIs and external committee members

Upon being granted access to ANU Recruit, all casual staff, POI's and external committee members receive an automated email from ANU Recruit containing a temporary password, along with a  link to enable you to change your password.  We strongly advise that you create your own password by following the supplied link. 

Please note: All casuals, POIs and external committee members must log into PageUp Admin to access ANU Recruit.

Password resets

Password resets should be directed to HR Systems on 6125 9622 or

Human Resource (HR) Systems

Monday to Friday: 9am-12.30pm and 1.30-5pm

T (612) 59622

F (612) 59809


Calls can be made outside the above times and a message left on voice mail.

HR Systems staff may, on occasions, be unavailable during the advertised times so they can attend team meetings. A message can be left on voice mail during these times and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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