ANU Polling Online

Business owner: Information Technology Services

ANU Polling Online (APOLLO) (which can be accessed through ANUBIS) is a free service-available for all ANU staff members-that allows users to easily create and conduct web-based online polls (such as surveys, ballots, exams or forms) without having to necessarily know anything about programming or databases.

APOLLO also comes with a complete set of tools and reports that allow for the analysis of poll results (including exports to SPSS). All aspects of APOLLO can be done via the web, so there is no need to install any specific software on any device.

The following polls have been built using APOLLO as a demonstration of what the service can do.

Getting access

APOLLO is divided into areas, which may have one or more polls. Staff members are given access to areas, not specific polls.

There may already be one or more areas for your workgroup. Ask your departmental administration or IT support if they have an area created. Each area has owners, who have permission to add other poll editors.

If your workgroup does not have a poll area, or if you would like an additional poll area created, log a job with the Service Desk.