Remote access

All enrolled ANU students are automatically granted permission to the remote access service to access student campus services.

In preparation for working at home during COVID-19 most ANU Staff will automatically be provided access through VPN GlobalProtect to their home drive and the other services that are known to the central ITS Cyber team. Staff used to working at home will also have access to Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.

Over time and after the COVID-19 virus has subsided, the latter VPN will be discontinued so it is good if staff move to GlobalProtect. If staff are new to working from home, they should simply use GlobalProtect. 

If staff require access to any other service, additional access will need to be requested. Please check you have access to systems and files that you require and if you do not, please speak to your Supervisor/Manager to log one request this through the ITS Service Portal for your whole team. ANU provides a remote access service for ANU Partners* on request via the University Systems Access Request form which includes the business reason for the access, with the support of the area supervisor. A copy of the form can be found at

If you do not have access to GlobalProtect, then in order to establish Remote Access to the ANU, you will need to download and install the corresponding GlobalProtect agent for your device. For more information on working with VPN please see Working Remotely.

Note: at this stage only Windows and Mac OS are supported. As other operating systems become supported they will be added.

* an ANU Partner is a VaHA/Contractor/Vendor/ or POI

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