Enhancement to the ANU Wireless Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) has recently completed enhancements to the wireless infrastructure across ANU Halls of Residence and key Teaching and Learning spaces. This is in response to feedback from the University's student community, and the successful upgrade to wireless services in the libraries.

What has changed?

ITS can now offer our residential students full wireless network coverage in their rooms, dining halls and common areas.  All ANU Halls were covered by the project, including Graduate and University House.  This project has effectively tripled the University's wireless infrastructure with 2200 additional wireless access points being deployed in time for the commencement of teaching in 2016.

In addition to being able to access wireless services, the project will also converge wireless and wired networks in each Hall or Residence complex. This will enable the provisioning of greater features and services wirelessly for example:

  • Wireless printing - the ability to use their own wireless connected printer on the RESNET network.
  • Wireless device connectivity - compatible devices such as Apple TV, Gaming Consoles and other WiFi connectable devices will now be able to connect to the network; and
  • Sharing Network Resources - within the residences, students will now be able to share resources on the network.

The new wireless infrastructure has been completely redesigned for future growth and scalability.