Email archiving

Email archiving

Staff have a 100GB archive function accessible through the email client Outlook (except Outlook 2011 for Mac) and the full version of the Outlook Web Application. An archive mailbox is a specialized mailbox that appears alongside the users’ primary mailbox folders in Outlook or Outlook Web App. Users can access the archive in the same way that they access their primary mailboxes. In addition, they can search both their archives and primary mailboxes.

It is worth noting that you may experience a slow response time when using the archive on Outlook as the email contents are not cached locally. This is standard for any archive function and cannot be changed.

The 100GB archive function is not available to students, Outlook 2011 for Mac and other mail clients. Users with an archive and using Outlook 2011 for Mac or other mail clients can access their personal archive by logging on to webmail via


Moving messages to the Email Archive

Users move email items from the primary mailbox to the archive mailbox by moving items manually or automatically by using Archive Polices, to reduce the size and improve the performance of the primary mailbox.

Users can also import data to the archive in the following ways:

  • Import data from a .pst file using Outlook’s Import and Export wizard.
  • Move email messages from .pst files into the archive.
  • Move email messages from the primary mailbox into the archive.
  • Let archive policies automatically move email messages from the primary mailbox, based on the age of the messages.