Pay period cut-off dates

Pay period cut-off dates 2022


Pay run

Pay Period

Pay period

Pay Day Business area
Pay run
2201 23-Dec-21 05-Jan-22 06-Jan-22 20-Dec-21 | 04:30pm 23-Dec-21
2202 06-Jan-22 19-Jan-22 20-Jan-22 12-Jan | 12:00pm 17-Jan-22
2203 20-Jan-22 02-Feb-22   03-Feb-22 25-Jan-22 | 4.30pm 31-Jan-22
2204 03-Feb-22 16-Feb-22 17-Feb-22 9-Feb-22 | 12.00pm 14-Feb-22


02-Mar-22   03-Mar-22 23-Feb-22 | 12.00pm 28-Feb-22
2206 03-Mar-22 16-Mar-22 17-Mar-22 8-Mar-22 | 12.00pm 11-Mar-22
2207 17-Mar-22 30-Mar-22 31-Mar-22 23-Mar-22 | 12.00pm 28-Mar-22
2208 31-Mar-22 13-Apr-22 14-Apr-22 06-Apr-22 | 12: 00pm 11-Apr-22
2209 14-Apr-22 27-Apr-22 28-Apr-22 19-Apr-22 | 4:30pm 22-Apr-22
2210 28-Apr-22 11-May-22 12-May-22 04-May-22 |12:00pm 09-May-22
2211 12-May-22 25-May-22 26-May-20 18-May-22 | 12:00pm 23-May-22
2212 26-May-22 08-Jun-22 09-Jun-22 01-Jun-22 | 12:00pm 06-Jun-22
2213 09-Jun-22 22-Jun-22 23-Jun-22 15-Jun-22 |12:00pm 20-Jun-22
2214 23-Jun-22 06-Jul-22 07-Jul-22 29-Jun-22 |12:00pm 04-Jul-22
2215 07-Jul-22 20-Jul-22 21-Jul-22 13-Jul-22 |12:00pm 18-Jul-22
2216 21-Jul-22 03-Aug-22 04-Aug-22 27-Jul-22 |12:00pm 01-Aug-22
2217 04-Aug-22 17-Aug-22 18-Aug-22 10-Aug-22 |12:00pm 15-Aug-22
2218 18-Aug-22 31-Aug-22 01-Sep-22 24-Aug-22 |12:00pm 29-Aug-22
2219 01-Sep-22 14-Sep-22 15-Sep-22 07-Sep-22 |12:00pm 12-Sep-22
2220 15-Sep-22 28-Sep-22 29-Sep-22 21-Sep-22 |12:00pm 26-Sep-22
2222  29-Sep-22 12-Oct-22 13-Oct-22 05-Oct-22 |12:00pm 10-Oct-22
2222 13-Oct-22 26-Oct-22 27-Oct-22 19-Oct-22 |12:00pm 24-Oct-22
2223 27-Oct-22 09-Nov-22 10-Nov-22 02-Nov-22 |12:00pm 07-Nov-22
2224 10-Nov-22 23-Nov-22 24-Nov-22 16-Nov-22 |12:00pm 21-Nov-22
2225 24-Nov-22 07-Dec-22 08-Dec-22 30-Nov-22 |12:00pm 05-Dec-22
2226 08-Dec-22 21-Dec-22 22-Dec-22 12-Dec-22 | 04:30pm 15-Dec-22
2301 22-Dec-22 04-Jan-23 05-Jan-23 16-Dec-22 | 04:30pm 21-Dec-22


If problems arise, processing arriving on the closure date may not be processed.

The Business Area Cut-Off is the date for all processing to arrive in the Remuneration & Conditions Branch. Please check your College HR website for their processing closing dates as these may vary.

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