69. Job security

69.1. The University is committed to providing job security for its staff. Recognising that the higher education sector is both challenging and changing, over the life of the Agreement, the University commits to consult with staff on its operations and strategies.

69.2. The University will undertake consultation with unions and directly affected staff on change proposals and implementation plans, in accordance with the managing change provisions (clause 70) in the Agreement.

69.3. Any reductions in staffing will be effected through:

    1. natural attrition;
    2. permanent transfer;
    3. redeployment;
    4. voluntary conversion to part time work;
    5. fixed-term pre-retirement agreements;
    6. voluntary separation; or
    7. redundancy.

    69.4. The University will only offer a redundancy when a staff member’s position is genuinely in excess of requirements, as outlined in clause 57 (Redundancy).

    69.5. The University will ensure involuntary redundancies are used as a last resort.


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