Travel Allowance (Per- Diems) for domestic and international travel

For regular travellers, an ANU purchase card is the preferred way of managing travel related expenses, however, for those individuals who do not hold an ANU Purchase Card, a Travel Allowance (Per-Diem) is available for both domestic and international travel. Per-Diems can also be accessed when travel is planned to locations where an ANU Purchase Card cannot be used. Meal and incidental per-diems for all staff and students will be paid at 50% of the minimum salary level category listed in the ATO's Taxation Determination for the applicable financial year.

  • Travel allowances (per-diems) are payable from the time of arrival on the first leg of a trip until the time of departure for the final return leg (excluding any personal time).

  • The Travel e-Form will auto-calculate the travel allowance payable.

  • Approved travel per-diem requests will be forwarded to the Financial Shared Services Accounts Payable team through the Travel e-Form.

  • To ensure funding is received in a timely manner, travellers are advised to submit the travel requests two weeks in advance of their trip and ensure the bank account details are up to date in ISIS/HORUS.

  • All payments will be processed within seven days and payment will be made via electronic fund transfer.

Support and Assistance

  • For further information pertaining to business travel expense guidelines, please refer to point 2.5 in the Travel Handbook.

  • For travel related information or assistance that is not covered in the Travel Handbook please contact ANU Travel Services (email:

  • For technical difficulties with your online travel approval, please contact Travel Approval Helpdesk (email: ; phone: +61 2 6125 4321 - option 2, option 2 then option 6).